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Personalized Black Large 4 Cigars Ceramic Ashtray for Patio / Outdoor Use 4 Cigar rests

Featured on the Cigar Aficionado’s 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

An Ashtray Customized To The Smoker(Starting at $40 before engravings)

Personalizing makes any gift more memorable. For cigar smokers, that can mean an engraved ashtray from Sikarx. The large (built for four cigars), square ashtray is available in a sleek black or brown finish with gold trim and measures roughly eight inches in diameter and two-and-a-half inches deep. Customers can get up to four engravings on each side (at $10 a pop) with 15 different font options ranging from Old English to Brush Script—even the “Game of Thrones” type. The company can also engrave logos of your dad’s favorite sports teams.


For custom engraving, please enter following information below:
1. Text
2. Font Type
3. Proof? Y/N (orders that do not require proofs will process quicker)
4. For Custom image, sports logo. Please email your file to and include your order number (Proof will be sent back to your email for approval)
5. Your phone# for clarification. (optional)
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Black - That's what I do I smoke cigars and I know things!!

Brown - That's what I do I smoke cigars and I know things!!

Black - That's what I do. I smoke cigars in moderation one cigar at a time

    4 Cigar Rests,Easily Wiped Clean,Deep Basin
    Sleek Ceramic Design - Black and Gold or Brown and Gold
    Size:Diameter 8.5"X8.5"X3 ,Weight:4lb
    Package: 1 piece ashtray
    If you receive a crack or broken ashtray we will give you full refund or resend a new one !


All our Ceramic ashtrays are 100% handmade and may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws. Because it is a ceramic ashtray it goes through several process like extrusion, slip casting, pressing, tape casting etc. After the particles are formed, these "green" ceramics undergo a heat-treatment to produce a rigid, finished product which sometimes cause little movement on the graphics. Because of that we have little inconsistencies which make each ashtray its own little unique piece.